Mindful Trout

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A product of big tech burnout and urban stress, Ash is on a mission to help professionals reconnect with the natural world. After 15 years in corporate and government leadership roles, Ash decided to ditch “keeping up with the Jones”  for a much smaller lifestyle outside of Baldwin, MI. No longer bound to a set schedule or an office building she’s able to spend time teaching others about the natural world around us.

Ash believes the frequencies produced within nature hold many of the key ingredients needed for us to connect deeply to ourselves, others, and the present moment. You’ll find nature incorporated into all of her works including art, events, and content.

Ash brings her professional resume skills of change management, people coaching, storytelling, and consensus-building to the Network Outdoor’s team. As a 5th generation outdoors person you’re more than welcome to ask Ash about ultralight backpacking, fishing (fly fishing, spin, hard water), animal and plant identification, small game hunting, homesteading, prepping, and Northern Michigan.